Nov 18, 2011

TP to Saabmarine:D

Saabmarine has moved!!!!

TAXI TO: saabmarine

P.S sorry for the crappy pic just dl from google:D

Oct 17, 2011

Newness @ Saabmarine

::»»»»»>WHALE SHAPE«««««<::

Aloha! Yessss it’s true Saabmarine is back!!!! with a new shape just for you:)))For only 180 L you can have this curvylicious shape!!!!! Hope you like it!Huggssss:D  P.S welcome to all my followers:))Taxi to Saabmarine.

Mar 20, 2011


Panda Shirt from SOMAPOP:D

Mar 17, 2011
pattyculver asked: wow i hope i can learn how. have you been playing secondlife long?

i’ve been playing sl for almost 5 months:)

Mar 16, 2011
pattyculver asked: how do you do your pictures? they are amazin'!

thanks:) I edit my pictures using photoshop:D

Mar 12, 2011


Shape: [Saabmarine ] Turtle Shape **Coming Soon**

Hat:[Aja] *NEW BUN BUN Hoods (**Thanks AJA!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyyy**)

Glasses: [Maknie]/[Aja] Yellow/Retro Glasses

Tattoo: [AV]Old School Tats ( Store Closed)

Top: [AV] Retro Swimsuit

Tutu:[Canimal] Foofoo Tutu (Store Closed)

Feb 26, 2011

Feb 23, 2011


Horn:[La Malvada Mujer]

Hair:[La Malvada Mujer]

Feb 11, 2011


Hair:[Mach] Night Rider (Opening Gift)

Hat:[1mm] Beret (Group Gift)

Glasses:[Duboo] I <3 u (Cupid Heart Hunt)

Ribbon:[The Royal Blue] Bow Good Times Necklace (Group Gift)

Heart:[Nestle My Bosom] Heart Sculpt (Cupid Heart Hunt)

Shirt:[Ohmai] Basics Loose Raserback (0L)

Skirt:[Pesca] Red Pleats Dress 1 (0L)

Watch:[Jetcity] A Broken Silicon Watch (0L)

Leggings:[The Secret Store] Purple Wool Tights (0L)

Shoes:[Lemon Ginger] Slip On Lemon Pink/Omc (0L)

-Get the Look-

Feb 7, 2011

Saab in Wonderland LOL>.<

Last night I was lucky to be inivted in a farewell party of my friend’s friend the place was so nice totally love the set up they did:D Fabulous!!!!!! Great music,plus fabulous peeps:D I really had fun:D

P.S Oh yeah,obviously!!!! no photo manipulation done:D

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